Pre-Christmas hash

GRIN # 334

So last night all I had for dinner was a sad package of frozen chicken.

I refused to go to the grocery store. I had to go today anyway, and I was determined to cobble something together.

I posted my dinner dilemma on Facebook, and I got all kinds of suggestions–from thawing the package in hot water and making a stir fry to thawing it and dipping it in flour, raw egg,  and bread crumbs.

But the thawing deterred me. I don’t want raw chicken juice all over my microwave. Dealing with raw chicken and raw egg wasn’t appealing either.

So….I dumped a Voila Alfredo Chicken frozen bag dinner in a skillet and added the previous night’s leftovers (chicken and noodles), a bag of frozen lima beans and a little bit of broccoli.

Voila, indeed.

The result: Pre-Christmas hash.

This is what my mom calls “eating off the hump.”

PS: As the hump dried out I drizzled it with olive oil to wake it up again.


4 Responses to “Pre-Christmas hash”

  1. The picture of the skillet made me sad ….

  2. Not bad for a hump dinner

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