Balls dropping

GRIN # 342

Ah, New Year’s Eve or, as Jerry and I like to call it, Amateur Night.

It’s when all the amateur drinkers go out, drive and get DUIs.

People, when the po-po tells you they’re gonna be out, believe it.

I’ve been keeping track of all the different balls dropping tonight:

New York: A 12,000 pound ball made of 2,500 Waterford crystals will drop in Times Square. Unfortunately, due to the snow they haven’t had trash pick-up in a week, so bring nose clips. Eww.

Atlanta: A Peach

Key West: A wench or a drag queen–a real live person–descends down a pole at the stroke of midnight.

Madison, WI: A giant cheese wedge (what else?).

Raleigh: We drop a 1,250-pound copper and metal acorn in the “City of Oaks.”

Mt. Olive: A giant illuminated pickle drops at 7 p.m.

Kure Beach: A beach ball

Clay County: A possum (eww, again).

And, finally, in the town of Eastover, NC, a 3-foot , 30-pound flea will descend at midnight. Constructed from fabric and wood by the town’s mayor, the flea is a memento of a few decades ago when the town was known mainly for its terrible flea infestation.

I’m thinking maybe Eastover needs a good PR person.

Be safe, ya’ll!!


10 Responses to “Balls dropping”

  1. Don Buckley Says:

    Nashvile – A Giant Guitar, Naturally!

  2. Let me be the first to say… CONGRATS on one year of a fantastic blog! I’ve enjoyed reading it every day. I hope you decide to keep it up for the new year. Happy New Year!

    • Aw, shucks. But THANK YOU, Tim! I appreciate that very much. I will definitely keep it up, though possibly not EVERY day. whew. Jan. 25 is officially one year:) I’ve learned a lot in one year. I’m really grateful for those of you who kept reading. Thank YOU!

  3. Let me be the second!! Congrats!! I knew you could do it, I just didn’t know it would be this great! You HAVE to keep going, I would miss it so much!!:>)

  4. That is a great name for New Years, Amateur night, and I agree. While at the hospital working on New Years day I was astounded at the amount of people in the ER with alcohol intoxication. Bravo to you and Jerry for hitting the nail on the head.
    Congrats on the blog. I love getting my little daily chuckle.

    • Oh, Amanda, I bet you have amazing stories working in the ER. I would love to sit down with you and hear a handful. Very cool work–not to mention important!! Thank you for the kind words. Good luck with the horses. Tyler would love to see them:))

  5. Better late than never to say CONGRATULATIONS on a stellar 2010 and here’s wishing you ALL THE BEST in 2011! Please do keep the blog! Love ya!

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