Don’t pee on the seat and other stories

GRIN # 341

I hate I’m writing about pee again. I bet if I did a word search on this blog, I’d be disgusted at the  number of times pee and poo come up.

Anyway, I can totally live with guys forgetting to put the seat down. I have eyes and, frankly, I can see if it’s not down.

The problem in my house, with Tyler anyway, is that he never puts the seat UP.

And I HATE sitting in pee. I never even realize it until it’s too late. BLECH.


“It was a mergency, Mom.” Yeah. Every time is a mergency.

I swear I taught him better than that.

On another note, we went to Crabtree Valley Mall today so Tyler could spend a gift card that he got for Christmas from the Lego store.

I’d completely forgotten how crowded that mall is at Christmas. It was a madhouse and took us 20 minutes to park. When I saw someone at their car, I’d roll down my window and ask, “Are you coming or going?” Tyler thought that was rude.

After an hour or so in the mall, Tyler and I stopped by Brookstone. To sit in the massage chairs. God, I love doing that.

And all the seats were taken!!

One man totally monopolized the best chair the ENTIRE time we were in there.

Tyler was pretty pissed he wasn’t sharing.

“Tell him to move, Mom. He’s totally had his turn.”

“Now that would be rude,” I said.

Can you imagine the stories those salespeople have? Every time I go in there, people are all laid out, just like we were wanting to do.

We did get to try out the neck wraps.

I just hope I didn’t come home with bed bugs or lice.

That would be way worse than sitting in pee.


4 Responses to “Don’t pee on the seat and other stories”

  1. Boys have it so easy, don’t they?! My son is good about the seat issue, but sprays the floor a bit sometimes which is almost as bad and doesn’t always clean it up.

    On a related note, I’ve been noticing more pee on the seats in public ladies rooms, at least at the malls I frequent; it is definitely yellow so not just splashing water. I know some girls and women hover rather than sit, but clean the seat please if you do. Also, many sightings of unflushed toilets with, uh, #2’s… flush already! Am I the only one noticing these trends?

  2. Let me know when you figure out how to get him to stop! I have 3 boys and NONE OF THEM can seem to get it right, no matter the age!!!!

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