The (not so bad) daily grind

GRIN # 345

Well, now that all of the holiday hoopla is over, it’s back to the daily grind.

Can I admit that I’m kind of relieved? Is that terrible? It’s not that I actually prefer work over the throngs of family and festive obligations, but work is calmer, quieter, more predictable and, frankly, I don’t have to clean nearly as much.

Don’t get me wrong: I really enjoyed Christmas this year. Tyler’s excitement on the Big Day was just incredible. As I sat watching him open his presents and scream with delight, I thought “remember this, remember this.”

It was the work that almost killed me. I washed more laundry and dishes than I thought I owned, ate an obscene amount of food, and found a variety of ways to rip and squash boxes so that they fit in the recycle bin. I vacuumed until my arms hurt. And if I find one more of the twisty ties used to package toys, I’m going to kill myself. I have dishpan hands, a bloated figure and a splitting headache.

Ah, but I’ve survived. Here in my office, post-holiday, the silence is sublime. Tyler is in camp as I write this. And my office chair seems to be saying: Welcome back.


2 Responses to “The (not so bad) daily grind”

  1. I’m also back at work, and my chair, instead of welcoming me, is saying ‘I would like to give you bad posture for the rest of your life’. 🙂 But, other than that, the silence is good! Happy New Year!

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