Disney bound

GRIN # 351

We’re headed to Disney this morning–EARLY. We’re planning on
leaving around 4 a.m. so I that I can strategically roll from the
bed to the car and hopefully sleep a little bit, seeing as how I’m
a horrible traveler. There may be pharmaceuticals involved.
Fortunately, we have someone staying in our house while we’re gone
so Sister won’t get lonely. Anyway, this is only the second time in
my life I ever felt like I needed a Ph.D. The first was when I was
breastfeeding. I needed a Ph.D in mammary science to
do that, which wasn’t available and so I lasted about three
. I still thank God that’s over. (Sorry La
Leche League; it’s not for everybody). Planning this trip I needed
a degree in Disney Science. So many questions: Will
you stay on the resort or off? Value or Moderate? Meal plan or no?
Quick! What are Fast Passes and extended hours?
dinner reservations 90 days ahead. See this parade, but not that
one. Go here first and here second. BUT. I have to
admit, I am really excited!!
Tyler’s never been,
Jerry hasn’t been since he was five, and I went about 20 years ago.
And this will probably be IT. Our one Disney trip. Let’s do this!
So I will be off the grid for a few days, but the GRINS will keep
coming. And I’ll be looking for new ones in

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