Are we good parents?

GRIN # 355

I asked Jerry this question the other night and he said, “Eh…we’re okay.”

“Okay? Just okay?” I asked. “No way. We’re good. We’re great!”

“What about the cussing?” he asked. “We really have to stop that.”

“What cussing? We don’t cuss that much!”

We don’t, really. At least I didn’t think we did. So I asked Tyler.

“Do I cuss, Tyler?”


“What? No I don’t! When do I cuss?”

“The other day you called Dad an “A-double-S.”

“What?! No! I don’t remember that. Are you sure I wasn’t referring to something else?”

Or someone else?

Like it matters.

An ass is an ass.

Wash my mouth out!!

My first New Year’s resolution revealed.

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