Bossy-girl Magnet

GRIN #361

Tyler had his share of run-ins with bossy girls at Disney.

At Sa’naa, one of the restaurants, he was sitting in a rocking chair when a girl of about four or five came up and said, “Move. I want to sit with my friend.”

He did! And he was really nice about it. I tried to explain to him the concept of chivalry.

At Animal Kingdom it happened again. He was looking through a microscope when a little girl tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Your turn is over. It’s time to share.”

This time Tyler turned to Jerry.

“Dad, did you see that? She didn’t even say please!”

“Yeah, I know T. Some girls are like that. Bossy.”

I looked at Jerry, but didn’t say anything.

“Tyler, you did the right thing,” I said. “That’s what being a gentleman is all about–having manners even when someone isn’t using theirs. Besides, you want to be nice to girls. They can make your life miserable if you get on their bad side.”

“Especially your mother,” Jerry added.

“I’m standing right here,” I pointed out. “And I can hear you.”


Then again, he did have a point.


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