Cooking for…the dog?

GRIN # 363

I took Sister to the vet before we left for Disney. She’d lost seven pounds!

So the vet gave us the okay to feed her more.

Great news for Sister, but not for us. Sister’s on this special, very expensive vet food diet, and she basically eats a can a day along with some expensive prescription-only crunchies. They’re probably organic too. And natural. Whatever.

“Is there a cheaper over-the-counter food I can add to this to make it last a little longer?” I asked the vet, after forking over my credit card.

“Not really. This food is so bland if you mix it with something else it’s likely to make her sick,” he said, adding “There is something else you can do.”

Massage, hypnotism, what? Actually, that would be preferable to what he suggested, which was basically to boil a chicken, then, using the chicken water, boil a bunch of white rice and feed that to Sister along with the food.

“So, basically, I’d be cooking for my dog?” I asked.

“Right,” he smiled.

I couldn’t see there was much to smile about.

Then again, Jerry already adds hot sauce to everything I make, citing it’s blandness. So now I’m wondering; how much do Jerry and Tyler like chicken and rice?

I could turn this around to work in my favor.


2 Responses to “Cooking for…the dog?”

  1. I feel your pain. All three of ours are on different special diets. It is soooo exxpensive.

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