That’s…highly overrated

GRIN #364 (364!!! One more day!!)

The other day, Tyler and I were in the car and we passed by a house with a pool and a jacuzzi.

“If I lived in a house with a pool and a jacuzzi, I would never move out,” said Tyler.

“Oh I don’t know,” I said. “Pool and jacuzzis are kind of overrated.”


Hmm…how to explain “overrated?”

When the hype of something is better than actual experience?

Overrated or Not?

(the first few are mine, and I had a little help with the others).

  • Jacuzzis
  • Breastfeeding
  • Owning a second home (I’d rather KNOW someone with a second home)
  • Bikini waxes (I would add bikinis to the list, but a lot of dudes would disagree)
  • Movie Theaters
  • Manicures
  • Reality Shows
  • Sushi
  • Cigarettes

What else?


2 Responses to “That’s…highly overrated”

  1. Starbucks: Twenty years ago we said “really, a store that just sells coffee?”. Twenty years now from we’ll be saying “I can’t believe they made all that money just selling coffee.” And no, that prepackaged crap they sell now does not pass for food. Their coffee has become just as lackluster. Back in the day when they roasted the beans in the store you could get a quality cup of coffee even if you couldn’t get your head around the business model. I swear that new Pike Place stuff they are pushing now is no different than the grocery sawdust I lived on in college.

    Neckties – more like neck tourniquets. It’s no wonder the Wall Streeters nearly ruined the economy when you consider the blood flow to their head was reduced. This article of clothing has far outlived its original or any other purpose. I’m all for looking sharp, but I don’t need a phallic symbol to do it.

    Excessive child proofing: Protect your children from certain death and no more. Experience is a far more effective teacher.

    Financial Planning: Live within your means. Buy insurance to protect you from catastrophic events. Don’t borrow money to finance depreciating assets. Figure out how much you will need to retire. Save that much. If you can’t save enough, then learn to live on less or get out there and make more. And the most important of all, start all this when you are 20. Poof you’re a financial planner.

    Electric Cars: Where’s the electricity coming from…COAL BURNING POWER PLANTS! Come on.

    Professional Athletes: No one should be paid that much money for what they actually do.

    Capitalism: In the words of Winston Churchill, “Capitalism is the worst way to organize an economy, except for all the other ways that have been tried.”

    My favorite catch all category: Anything who’s price significantly exceeds it utility value. The best examples are cars, jewelry, houses, spirits. Or said differently, anything that can be found in an ad in any men’s or women’s overrated style magazine.

    How about a companion piece on the most underrated? I’ll start:




    Bio-mechanically supportive shoes.

    Eating a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meats in sensible portions.

    A daily ten minute walk outside.

    • Wow! I especially agree with Professional Athletes and Financial Planning! Love your underrated topics as well. Personally I think teachers and professional athletes should switch salaries. And I’m not saying that tongue in cheek either.

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