My booty blog

GRIN #366

I can’t stay away. I said I was going to enjoy my first day off blogging in a year, but I missed you guys.

So this entry is like a late-night booty call to an old flame. I can’t help it.

Besides, blogging is a helluva lot more fun than what I did today: work, go to a job fair and boil a whole chicken for Sister, which was time consuming and, frankly, made me feel a tiny bit like Jeffrey Dahmer, sifting through bones, cartilage and God knows what else for meat.

After doing all of that, I decided to, wait for it, make homemade chicken noodle soup using the broth. Yeah, only the broth is all oily so you have to cool it down and skim the fat off and then season the crap out of it because it’s so bland…Lord have mercy.

Remember on Saturday when I blogged about things being overrated? So I’m thinking canned chicken broth is majorly underrated. And you know how people say you just can’t throw away a chicken or turkey carcass without making your own broth?

Yes. You. Can.

Because, guess what? Chicken broth costs about .69 a can. It’s about as good as a beer. Pop the the top, pour it in and let the fun begin. So what if canned broth has a lot of salt? Personally, I can live with that. It’s a fair trade for not having to deal with all the other crap. Trust me. You should see my kitchen right now.

Two more things I think are underrated:

Lip balm: Go ahead. Laugh. Have you ever been anywhere and desperately needed lip balm but didn’t have any?

McDonald’s Caramel Sundae with Nuts: Bargain of the century. Still one buck and so good!

Okay, sleep tight.

I’ll call you tomorrow.

5 Responses to “My booty blog”

  1. Thanks for the late night booty call GRIN…hope to see you darken my inbox again, soon luv

  2. I’m SOOOO glad you decided to do a late night booty call GRIN! Sadly, I have to admit that I fell away from it for a while at the end of last year. However, a new year gives us ample opportunities to turn over a new leaf; and I’m gonna turn that leaf over and keep my writing juices going! 🙂

    I’d like to add one item to the “underrated” list which is “simple meals.” Recently, I decided to do something I haven’t done in an eternity; cook for someone else. I promised a dear friend of mine that when my working life calmed down, that I would come over and cook for her and her hubby. Well, 3 weeks ago, she didn’t feel like cooking and I did! I created the simplest 3 course menu ever! The appetizer course was taco chips and melted cheese. While they were woffing that down, I was working on the main coursse which was a pot of my famous chili. I kept it simple and jazzed it up a bit with you guessed it, a couple of shakes of the Texas Pete bottle. I finished them off with a dessert which was a small dish of mandarin oranges. They marvelled at how such a simple meal filled them up. It was funny, here I spent days wondering what culinary masterpieces I could charm them with; and in the end it was a simple 3-course meal that had them asking when I was coming back to cook again! I also pulled off the whole meal for just over 10 bucks….the folks at Food Network would be proud! 🙂

    • Wow, Mike!! I’m just so impressed you cooked for someone else. If someone came over here to cook I would be in heaven (hint, hint). 🙂

      • Well, maybe it’s time bring a little piece of “heaven” to the Gala household! You’ve been a great writing mentor to me, so you just tell me where and when and I’ll be there with my apron (yep, I even come with my own apron! HA!)

        Move over Emeril! 🙂

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