Too much like the real world

GRIN # 374

Every once in a while a story I’m writing will sort of seep into my life.

I wrote a piece on “family game night” recently and decided we should give it a try. I borrowed a friend’s Monopoly game thinking the money aspect of it might help Tyler with his math.

I announced to Jerry last Friday night we were going to play. He looked a little weary but he was a pretty good sport.

That is, until the game started. His first trip around the board, he landed on the income tax square, the luxury tax square and drew a “Chance” card where he was assessed, yep, a tax.

He was truly discouraged.

“Damn, this is too much like real life,” he said, smiling.

Two hours later, he was almost bankrupt. He had only five, tens and ones left. He’d completely lost his sense of humor.

“I”m going to bed,” he said.

The next morning, Tyler and I continued the game. He wanted to start a fresh game that night. By this time, I was pretty weary of Monopoly myself, but instead I threw Jerry under the bus.

“Tyler, I don’t think Dad wants to play again after last night when he ran out of money. Why don’t we think of something else to play? Or we could just watch T.V. for a little while.” God, I missed T.V.

Tyler went upstairs, and we thought that was the end of it. Ten minutes later he presented Jerry with a blank Star Wars valentine, Yoda on the front.

“Dad, here,” he said, handing it to Jerry. “It’s a credit card. You can use it in Monopoly if you run out of money again.”

Yep. Definitely too much like the real world.


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