We’re mature, right?

GRIN # 377

There’s a battle going on in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The city has a shiny new government center. Since it needs a name, they’ve asked the fine citizens of Fort Wayne to vote.

More than 6,000 citizen have voted for the center to be named after its beloved former mayor: Harry Baals (pronounced “balls”). Yes, you read that right. Seems Harry, who died while serving his fourth term in office, has 5,400 more votes than the closest runner up.

But the town is determined its new center not end up with a name people could make fun of, which, frankly, is making a lot of Harry Baals-lovers mad.

His grand-nephew, Jim Baals, said he thinks the city should grow up and accept the results of the democratic process. After all, Americans are more mature than that, right?

Hardly, Jim.

First of all, what was Harry’s mother thinking?? Seriously? I’ve heard of kids named Jack Daniels and Charlie Brown, but Harry Baals? Damn. Give a kid a chance.

Second, we’re not mature. Can you imagine the snickers and peals of laughter Fort Waynians would have to endure when people tried to schedule meetings at the Harry Baals Center? And once you got there for your meeting, you’d see the sign and dissolve into laughter again. It would be the Most. Unproductive. Meeting. Ever.

No, we’re not mature.

In fact, more Americans know Snooki’s first name than they do the nation’s Secretary of State.

That got you thinking didn’t it?

I admit I came up with “Nicole” before Hilary Clinton.



2 Responses to “We’re mature, right?”

  1. Well at least the structure would just have a silly name rather than having the entire structure actually replicate gargantuan male genitalia. Case in point: the Florida Capital Penis and its flanking domed legislative bodies. http://www.collegehumor.com/picture:36418

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