Not the best hiding place

GRIN # 382

Have I mentioned that Tyler hides his candy? From me?

This includes candy from Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day etc.

It’s a good idea. I’ve finally admitted I’m a sugar addict. More on that in another blog.

I always give Tyler a head start. And it usually takes a few days before I find his candy and  abscond with the pieces I want.  Then Tyler realizes what’s missing and starts all over again.

Finding good hiding places has got to be teaching him some valuable life skill; I just don’t know what it is. “Don’t trust your mother?” “Transparency doesn’t pay?” “Don’t share?”

Anyway, he usually picks good places–behind the TV in the bonus room, in the back of his closet, in the seat of a dining room chair pushed far underneath the table.

I’ve been so proud.

But today. Oh, the disappointment.

Can you see? He has hidden his candy stash under my desk! On the shelf where I put my feet!

I nearly stepped on it before I ate it.

He obviously needs a tutorial. After all, bathing suit season is coming. I need his help.


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