Happy Anniversary to the Tiger!

GRIN #383

Okay, so I’m a day late. Our 14th anniversary was actually yesterday, March 22nd.

Jerry and I agreed to go low-key this year since we just went to Disney and to even forgo cards (and spend the $10 on something else) but he cheated and got me the sweetest card.

He even wrote a mushy message in it without my prompting, which just goes to show you can teach an old tiger  new tricks.

Anyway, he’s still up to his tiger ways, eating everything in sight, and being the athletic one in this coupledom. Which kinda pisses me off because if I was married to a regular (couch-potato) guy, I would be the athletic one.

The tiger is so skinny, (sorry: trim), that it looks like he has a vacuum cleaner in each shoe, sucking his ass right out of his jeans and into oblivion.

It’s not fair!!! I want vacuum cleaners in my shoes.

Anyway. In addition to being married for fourteen years (which feels like 14 minutes underwater, as the tiger would say), we dated 9 years before that. So that’s, whew, 23 years.

I’m so grateful that not only did I meet my life partner so young, which is rare, but also that we’ve managed to grow together over the years, instead of apart. Also rare.

It hasn’t always been easy, but I will say this: the tiger makes me laugh like nobody else, and life with him is always interesting. Even when we’re doing the most mundane things.

Case in point:

The tiger found this old car when we were at the grocery store a few days ago. Inside is a full-size skeleton riding in the back.

There’s never a dull moment with the tiger.


5 Responses to “Happy Anniversary to the Tiger!”

  1. Happy Happy Anniversary to you and the Tiger! If Jerry can patent the vacuum thing, I’m in!

  2. Happy Anniversary, You both are delightful people and I am very lucky to have you both in my life. Life is good. Love Mom

  3. Sorry I am just getting around to reading this… but congrats on the 14th Anniversary.. we have our 1 year coming up.. I can’t believe it. So glad you found your tiger and I found my bear!!!!

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