Eat some candy; it’ll be all right

GRIN # 389

I’m a compulsive reader. I will read the back of a vitamin bottle, a newspaper, a cereal box. I’ll read just about anything, with the exception of instructions on how to operate anything. That confuses me completely.

Anyway, I finished what is, to me, the most interesting part of the paper (the Life section) the other morning over breakfast, so I started reading the little news snippets off to the side. This one caught my eye:

Driver rescued from edge of cliff

It was about an 84-year-old woman, Tomarie Moody, stranded in her car on the edge of a cliff in California for more than 24 hours. The highway patrol tried to find her but couldn’t locate the car. The poor woman had a walker and a cane in the trunk so she wasn’t able to get out of the car on her own.

I was reading this, all worried about Tomarie. I shouldn’t have been. She wasn’t worried at all.

Here’s the last line of the article:

“She remained in her seat belt overnight and ate candy.”

A woman of my own heart.

You go, girl!


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