The answers already!!

GRIN # 393

DAMN, ya’ll are smart. I can’t believe how many of you got most of these Mensa questions right.

Saturday night I said to Jerry out of the blue, “You know I heard if you’re a good speller, it’s a sign of intelligence.”

He was onto me. “You’re just trying to make up for not being able to answer the Mensa questions.”

Huh. “Sooo, maybe I am. You wanna make something of it, bike boy?” 

Anyway. Goody, goody gumdrops for you, smart people (said the sore loser).

Below, the answers. And, stay tuned, I have a fab picture to post soon that makes me feel like a genius:)


1. Friday

2. Miserable: the other names unscrambled are anagrams of famous names: Luther, Erasmus and Pasteur. I guess an anagram is not a hologram. I dunno.

3. 25

4. 30

5. 123,456

6. Sloeslaegen or “Los Angeles.” The other scrambled words were Sarasota, Key West and Tallahassee, all Florida cities.


3 Responses to “The answers already!!”

  1. ah, the popular, you are #1 salute. seen it many times. used it many times.

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