Stop it, stupid people!

GRIN # 400

Is it just me or do we seem to have a disproportionate amount of stupid people in America? I’m not talking about those featured in the “People of Walmart” photos, bless their hearts. I’m talking about Americans that are supposed to be smart, functioning, contributing members of society.

Like, for instance, Congressman Anthony Weiner. I really believed someone had hacked his Twitter account and sent that woman a picture of his, uh, underwear. The fact that he was a congressman should have been deterrent enough (although by now we know it’s not), but with a name like that. Really? Why tempt fate? He will forever be remembered, not for his politics, but as the Weiner who sent a picture of his, well, you know.

I’m just wondering at what point that seemed like a good idea. Was it while he was eating his Frosted Mini-Wheats? Bored to tears in a session of congress?

Where are these people’s mothers? Where is the voice, the moral compass, that should be echoing in that crucial space of “Should I or Shouldn’t I?” Absent that, no one seems to learn from anyone else’s mistakes. Why is that?  And no one is exempt from the stupidity—men, women, Republicans, Democrats. We are becoming a nation of stupid, stupid people.

Could I, for a moment please, just step in as surrogate mother and, as my mother would say, give a few lectures? Lindsay Lohan: Pay for your necklaces. Stop all that drinking! International Money Fund guy: Leave the maids alone. Larry Craig: Keep your feet to yourself in the men’s restroom. John Edwards: You don’t need a videographer! Politicians in general: Leave your interns alone! Just. Stop. The. Stupid. Please.

It’s stupid like driving a car around with an empty gas tank is stupid. You know what’s going to happen so you fill up the tank. These guys have to know what’s going to happen but they just keep on driving. And we keep electing them. Damn.

And while I’m ranting: Men, quit killing your wives. First Brad Cooper is on trial, now Jason Young. Good grief. Statistically, you guys are making it dangerous to live in Cary, NC.

Here’s the thing: You are not going to get away with it. You are not going to get the insurance money. Instead, you’re going to spend the rest of your life in an orange jumpsuit making license plates for 33 cents a day while someone else raises, your kids, Thank God.

You honestly have a better chance of going to Hollywood and starring with George Clooney in a major motion picture. That’s how slim your chances are of getting away with murder.

Here’s a concept. Sick of your wife? Divorce her. Please. And take your lumps like everybody else.

Whew. None of that probably decreased any stupidity in our great nation, but boy do I feel better.


One Response to “Stop it, stupid people!”

  1. Naomi Vess Says:

    I love it It is all so true.

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