When I was a kid…

GRIN # 414

The other night Tyler was pondering how great life would be if there were no commercials on television.

“At least you can fast forward through them,” I said. “When I was a kid you just had to watch them. And change the channel by hand.”

He had no idea what I was talking about.

“You also had to rewind a cassette to hear your favorite song again. There were no CDs.”

“What’s a cassette?”

I was too disgusted to answer. But later that day I was cutting up a seedless watermelon. He waited patiently.

“That’s another thing,” I said. “We didn’t have seedless watermelons when I was a kid. You just had to eat around the seeds! Isn’t it nice to eat a big slice of seedless watermelon? And I remember when we got our first microwave! No one knew how to use them. My dad put a pizza in one for 14 minutes one time. It was awful.”

“And ice cream!” I continued. “It was so bad back then. My mom used to buy ice milk–ugh. None of the awesome flavors you have today. And there was no Wii or computers, just this thing called Atari.”

Tyler asked: “What about electricity? Did you have that?”

The sad thing was, he was serious.

I handed him his watermelon slice. “Yes, we had electricity, ding dong. Go outside; I’ll call you when dinner’s ready.”

I guess I had that coming.


5 Responses to “When I was a kid…”

  1. Chrissy we still have that microwave. It is an Amana microwave. We got it at our wedding. Actually we have two of them. The other one is at Dave’s office.

  2. I recognize the Amana Radar Range… I saw the original a few years back when my parents gave it away… Of course, I was the one who loaded the 90 pound behemoth into the car, transported it and then had to move it again to it’s final destination.

    I remember when the “Alert Cable TV” installer came by and was explaining to my parents what “Cable TV” was. We already knew because I had 2 friends who already had hopped onto this cutting edge technology… I think that may have been a few years… “Before your time” LOL!

    • That microwave was huge wasn’t it?! I still remember my brothers booting me off the couch with their foot to go change the channel–that had to be pre-cable:))) Thanks Tom!

      • LOL! Yeah. I remember the first cable converters had a box of switches wired to the receiver… That was the channel selector. Some of the neighborhood kids figured out how to get pay channels by pressing more than one button down at a time. LOL!

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