From the “duh” files

GRIN # 420

Things that should have happened sooner:

  • FINALLY, the freakin’ supermarkets, a lot of them anyway, are considering getting RID of the self-checkout lanes because they’re not being utilized by the majority of U.S. shoppers. Only 16 percent of total transactions took place at the self checkout in 2010 compared to 22 percent three years ago. DUH! That’s because a). you need a Ph.D in computer science to use one and b). most people like to interact with a real human being that speaks his or her language (customer service industry, take note puh-lease!).
  • Crystal Harris, 25, broke off her engagement with Hugh Hefner. I know! I was surprised too! But apparently, she thought about it and decided it wasn’t “the lifestyle she wanted.” Hugh, 85, was surprisingly okay with it and showed a screening at the Playboy Mansion of “The Runaway Bride.” His reaction: “better now than later.” In other news, The Playboy Club was cancelled from prime time’s fall lineup after just three shows, which goes to show you sometimes good judgment does prevail.
  • Charlie Sheens not in the news anymore. “Duh, winning!”  Looks like the “duh’s” on him.  The lesson: no matter how rich or famous you are, eventually someone will call your bluff.

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