The talk…

GRIN #421

When Tyler asked me how babies were made a few days ago, I did what I’d promised myself I’d never do: I ignored his question.

Oy. I really didn’t want to tell him this young. Then again, I’d rather he hear it from me than another kid.

And I remembered I was eight when I asked my mom, after which I bellowed, “THAT IS DISGUSTING!”

Feeling guilty, I asked Tyler a few days later if he still wanted to know.

“Yes,” he said. “I mean, do you just get lucky?”

Oh, I should have just said “Yes” and ended it there, adding a disclaimer like  “The guy gets lucky and the girl gets pregnant.” But I figured that was cheating.

Instead I sighed and said, “Well, first, you have a man and a woman who are MARRIED and IN LOVE….” Now, I know this isn’t always true, but it’s my version and I figured I might as well open with it.

“Mom, I know that! I mean, how are they made?”

At that point I decided it would be a good idea to borrow a line from one of the websites I’d googled after he asked the first time. “Well. The man gives love to the woman and then a baby grows in her belly and comes it out when it’s ready.” Even to me it sounded vague and confusing.

“What? But how? I don’t get it.”

ARGhghghghgh. He wasn’t going to let me off the hook. So, finally, I told him the real deal, plain and simple, careful not to give too much information, but using the correct terms.


“I know it’s confusing and it may sound weird, but it’s a very beautiful thing,” I added hopefully.

Tyler looked dubious. And confused.

“Are you confused?” I asked him.

“I don’t know. But I know one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Now I really don’t want to get married!”

I guess you could say Mission, not accomplished.

Back to the drawing board and, maybe, the library.

3 Responses to “The talk…”

  1. It was still a valiant effort, Christa. Btw, where was Jerry during all this?

  2. Christa….it is never easy on this one! They will most always catch you off guard with a sex question. I remember when my son asked me what a french kiss was….when I told him, he said, ” GROSS!” He was 19 at the time……JUST KIDDING!….he was 9 years old. 🙂

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