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Free like me…

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GRIN# 378

Sigh. Today I have the wants.

Does that ever happen to you? Wanting stuff that’s too expensive, not feasible or practical? It’s days like these that I have to remind myself why I work for myself. I could make more money working in corporate communications or public relations.

But the job I have allows me to work at midnight so that at noon the next day I can go roller-skating with Tyler. He’s finally learning to keep his knees together. Afterward, we pay a buck-fifty for air hockey that lasts all of ninety seconds.

While Tyler takes a shower at night, I transcribe tape so that the next day we can ride our bikes early—stopping along the way to examine the beetles, slugs, tree frogs and caterpillars we find on the trail. I taught him how to suck the honey out of a honeysuckle instead of writing press releases.

Because of the job I’ve chosen—and its less than stellar salary—I can be at the bus stop every day at 3:45 to witness what accompanies him home from school:  the Abe Lincoln stovepipe hat, a homemade papoose with a paper baby inside, or the cup of slime from science that demonstrated something I can’t remember.

I’m grateful for my job’s flexibility because I know there are many women who would love to be able to both work and stay at home. Working is too often an all-or-nothing proposition for mothers. There are not enough jobs like mine, and I am grateful that I have it and that it sustains me, both financially and emotionally.

So when I get the wants, I remind myself that no matter what it is I want, the cost is too high. I think of T, his cargo shorts loaded with rocks and cricket’s legs, the two of us coasting downhill on our bikes, and I think he is like me: free.


Good reads

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GRIN # 288

It occurred to me last night I haven’t recommended any good blogs lately. These three are very different:

Nerdy Apple Bottom:

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Jamie’s Race:

Happy reading! Let me know what you think:)

Can I lie?

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GRIN #35

I have good news and bad news about my blogging adventures.

The good news is I haven’t been yelled at for taking pictures of people’s stuff. Yet.

The bad news is I can’t figure out how to take close-ups of actual people that I want to make fun of–without getting popped in the head.

You see my problem.

I really am too chicken to even try.

So my question is: Can I lie?

Last week at the Flea Market I saw a man in a kilt with a fox-head man-purse hanging from his neck. It was just too good! He was walking right toward me.

My camera was on.  Here he comes…

I couldn’t do it! He walked right past me.

I started following him, stalking him.

Snapping pictures of his rear like a big perv.

Since I couldn’t FACE him, I didn’t even get the MURSE.

Damn! Some journalist I am.

What if I’d said, “Sir, I just love your kilt. I’m Scottish myself. Do you mind if I take a picture?”

Is that bad mojo? Will I ruin my kharma forever?

Am I too old to start lying?

It’s for the greater good–sort of.