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How do you act when you’re frustrated?

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GRIN # 301

This is hilarious!! My niece said it reminded her of me.



Smile doggie!

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GRIN # 144

I SAID SMILE for the camera!

Is he smiling Mommy?

Guys: don’t do this…

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GRIN #11

I’ve got five gorgeous nieces between the ages of 15 and 24. They are always making me laugh. From time to time, I’d like to share how the world looks from their eyes. Below, the TOP FIVE things you don’t want to wear if you’re a guy–well, a guy looking to be cool.


THE MURSE: Or Man Purse. This needs no explanation. How can you hold ours if you have your own?

MANDALS: Not that we don’t like grandfathers, but shun the Man Sandals. We don’t want to see your hairy toes encased in hot, smelly leather.

JORTS: Jean shorts on men. My niece Jen, a college student at NCSU, says: “The number one thing I don’t want to see on a guy is definitely jorts.  She and her girlfriends recently went to watch “New Moon,” the latest Twilight movie. “Jacob (the “hot” werewolf of the series) was wearing jorts.  We literally couldn’t stop laughing. He totally lost all his hotness from the jorts.”

The MEXI-STACHE: Frankly, I don’t know if this is a man who can’t grow a mustache or a woman in need of an immediate and prolonged waxing. Bottom line: if you can’t grow one, shave it. Facial hair isn’t everything.