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What do you do when you’re bored?

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GRIN # 424

Bring joy to the world with a Sharpie. Or practice for a spelling test.



Gather acorns from the yard, toss them in the fan blower under the hood of the car and see if husband can figure out what that rattle is. Mwahahahaha!









Make alien hat from magnets, Kinex and a tin lid–for a very patient dog.


Taking care of kids in Key West

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GRIN # 418

My sister found this sign while on vacay. BAWAHHAHAHHA!!

What you get when you drink and problem solve…

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GRIN # 410

Back in the saddle

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GRIN # 406

You’ll forgive me, won’t you? For not having written? I ducked off to the beach for a week for a writing-free break with my extended fam.

I took it seriously, too. I wouldn’t even write in the guest book at the house we rented.

But much blog fodder was gained during that time and at least one thing proved. My family finally believes me when it comes to the Tiger, my forever-eating and ultimately insatiable husband.

In a fit of hunger after a golf game with my brother-in-law, the Tiger ate nearly a whole pan of baked ziti, intended for dinner the following night. The remains were discovered by my sister.

“Who ATE all of this?”  she asked.

“The tiger,” I answered simply. I’d seen it happening, sighing as he returned from the kitchen a second time, his plate piled high with noodles, cheese and beef. He was a happy man indeed.

I didn’t have the heart to stop him–even though he was eating a meal for eight.

“Well, now, what are we going to do?”

I shrugged: See? See what I endure?

Same problem, different day. Whateva.

Pizza saved the day, as it always does.

Are you cool?

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GRIN #405

You better hope not.

My sources tell me C.O.O.L now stands for Constipated, Overweighted, Out-of-Style, Loser.

Future exterminator

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GRIN # 403

It’s dawning on me that if I just run by the bank and get a stack of one dollar bills life could be a lot easier.

Because my kid will do anything for a dollar.

Last night I was so frustrated by a mosquito in the house; it kept biting me but I couldn’t catch it.

Before I left for my writer’s meeting I told Tyler, “If you can kill that thing, I’ll give you a dollar.”

When I got home, I found proof of death and a bill.


What kind of car is your mate?

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GRIN # 398

Six weeks after Tyler was born, Jerry and I went out sans baby for the first time. We went to dinner with two other couples, and, man was it awesome to get out without the baby.

So we’re all sitting around and I can’t remember how it came about but the guys started talking about what kind of cars their wives reminded them of.

The first guy said his wife reminded him of a Jaguar because she was sleek and expensive.

The second guy said his wife reminded him of  a VW bug, which, honestly, could have been taken the wrong way given the shape of the car, but he quickly clarified that she was fun and sporty.

Of course then we all looked at Jerry. Me, in particular, seeing as how I still looked about seven months pregnant and was bleary-eyed from no sleep and shot nerves. I’ve never made any bones about how hard I think infants are. I really needed a compliment.

Jerry, in his defense, looked completely panicked.

“Well?” I asked. “What kind of car do I remind you of?”

“Hmmm. Probably a Buick. Because you’re dependable and reliable….and…”

“A BUICK!!! After a Jaguar and a Beetle, you come up with a Buick? Thanks a lot!” Ass, I wanted to add but didn’t.

“What did you want me to say?” he asked, clearly bewildered. This was going bad fast and it was a long ride home.

“I don’t know! How about a convertible or a Lexus? Something fancy or fun! Not a Buick!”

I was quiet on the way home–for a few minutes.

“Is that how you see me–a stodgy machine that’s boxy, yet reliable?”

Jerry just looked at me. He does not bite when someone’s fishing for compliments. He just doesn’t.

But he did try. The best he could offer was this: “At least I didn’t say Oldsmobile!”

Point taken.