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An episode of GRIN Family Feud…

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GRIN # 347

I’m exercising my inner Steve Harvey, the new host for Family Feud. (Yes, I was away from my desk too long).

Anyway.  The top TEN  answers are on the board. Here’s the question:


SURVEY SAYS (you have to yell that part)!!

1. Are you ready yet?

2. What’s for dinner?

3. Don’t you already have black shoes?

4. Are you really going to wear that?

5. Where is my ________?

6. Will you get me a beer?

7. What’s wrong with you?

8. Are you PMSing?

9. What are you doing today?

10. What did you DO all day?

Guys, you’re next!! What do women ask that you absolutely hate??


It’s a bad sign when….

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GRIN # 222

…’re buying your beer for the holiday weekend and the cashier says, “Looks like someone’s having a party!”

Psst. She’s talking to you.

Rudeness! Lady, it was on sale!! Back off!

“Chug beer, get strong”

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GRIN # 166

In between jumping waves with waveboy (who is pestering me as I type to go to the ocean) I’ve been doing a lot of reading here at the beach–much of it mindless, which is such a treat.

And I stumbled upon this in Redbook:

Chug beer, get strong: Two beers a day provide 30 mg of dietary silicon, a key factor for bone growth, according to a study in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture.

Just what I was looking for: justification for our games of beer pong here at the beach. My college-aged nieces and their boyfriends introduced this to us last year. Apparently it’s the new “Quarters.” Even Tyler gave it a shot, though he played with Caprisun so don’t go calling Social Services on me.

Plan for today: Go-carts, putt-putt, and more wave-jumping.

Also, prayers for Sister. She’s not feeling so hot. I hope she’s okay…

Beer for procreation

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GRIN # 91

This is horribly politically incorrect, but it’s funny as hell too…