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I’m so old I need help understanding…

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GRIN #431

The Whole-Pants-Worn-Under-Your-Butt-Cheeks phenomenon: Hasn’t this been going on for YEARS now? When is it going to end? The other day at the mall, I saw a GIRL with her pants half off. Every time I see this, I just want to yell: “Hey, your ass is showing, you dumbass!” Crack ain’t cool, fool.

A thirty-dollar-gummy-bear: This thing is the size of a Smithfield ham. And the salesman told me he sells them all the time. Again, why? Aside from that, how would you even eat it? I eat it with a knife and fork. I roll it in a slice of pork. It’s a Dr. Suess side dish.  

Ear gauges: These are dime-sized circles young people, mostly guys, wear in their ears. I’m not sure why. Because it’s cool, I guess. Kinda like the pants-around-the-knees thing. But in 10 years, or maybe even 5, they’re going to have ear flaps. I’m not a doctor, but I’m guessing ear lobes are a lot like breasts. And once they get stretched out. Well. You know. It’s not going to be pretty, boys. You’re going to want ear implants. And I’m pretty sure insurance won’t cover it.


One year!

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GRIN # 365

Well. I’m done. I did it.

I mean, these entries may not have always made you laugh. Admittedly, some have been better than others. They haven’t always been original, but I did post something every single day for  a year.

And, man, did I have so much fun! Knowing there were readers (however few or many) just kept my wheels turning in a way that produced a lot of good stuff in a relatively short period of time.

Left to my own devices, it probably would have taken me five or ten years to flesh out some of these ideas.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you! From the bottom of my heart. Just. for. reading. Thank you for your comments. Each one touched my heart deeply and some made me laugh out loud.

And. I fibbed up there at the top. I’m not REALLY done.

Along the way I married the concept of finding the funny in every day. There are universal experiences (often that we dread) that are so mundane and ridiculous they’re worthy of  a laugh. How else to get through this daily slog called life?

So. I’m going to make a new promise. While I won’t be posting every single day, I promise today to post 2 to 3 times a week.

Because, frankly, I don’t want to lose what I’ve found.