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What are your 3 favorites?

Posted in The story behind the story with tags , , on April 13, 2010 by cwgala

GRIN # 79

Talk about depressing!

I was researching a story last night and discovered unemployment in NC is 11.8 percent; 9.6 percent in the Triangle.

Man! We all probably know someone who is looking for employment or worried about their job status.

Stop! This isn’t GRIN-worthy.

Part of my research challenges people to think about the things that make them happy in an effort to discover their authentic selves.

(It’s part of a much bigger picture of people reinventing themselves in a down market).

Anyway, I found this intriguing.

Can you do it? Below, a few rules:

  • You can’t be destructive or obscene;
  • Try to think of  things that are free; if you can’t, stay under $20 (so you can include your coffee!)

I’ll go first. Three things that bring me joy, make me happy:

  • A hot shower: Frankly, a shower is a little like a religious experience for me. Don’t take that the wrong way. I just love a nice, hot shower. Two years ago for my anniversary, I had Jerry weld through the piece in the shower head that conserves water. Go ahead, report me!! It was so worth it. If anyone has a black market shower head from the 80s–the kind that practically knocks your ass down–let me know. I’d pay big money.
  • A good night’s sleep: I’m the same way about sheets as I am showerheads. When I go shopping with my mom and sis and they can’t find me, they always go to the linen department, where I’m lovingly stroking the sheets and checking labels for thread counts. I know; it’s really weird. I love, love, love a good night’s sleep. Who doesn’t?
  • The sun on my face: After a long cold winter, there’s nothing better than feeling the sun on my face as I go out to get the mail or, even better, plop a big old lawn chair in the driveway and settle in with my newspaper. I look like I’m waiting for a bus, but I don’t care!

OKAY. YOUR TURN!! What makes you happy?

The smell of honeysuckles? The sound of rain at night? Fresh coffee brewing?

C’mon people. Let’s imagine our way to GRINS today.