Why am I doing this?

While I’m loving finding funny in every day, this blog isn’t just for kicks. A successful blog can be a platform or concept for a book down the road. It can convince an agent or publisher that you just might be worth the risk. Or not. And, finally, it’s a challenge. Can I do it? I really don’t know. So, while I want you to GRIN every day, you’re also a huge part of an experiment that a lot of writers are taking on to see what, if anything, happens. It’s a tough time to be a writer. Magazines and newspapers are folding left and right and people are getting their news and jollies from all kinds of different sources. Aside from that, I really do hate January, the armpit of the calendar. And I really do love to laugh. There’s a fine line between laughing and crying, and, frankly, I’d rather do the former. It’s a lot more fun. By the way, thank you. Thank you for reading. A writer writes with her soul and her heart and when people read and comment, it is simply joyful.

So, here goes. And notice I’m not promising to make you snort, guffaw, roar, cackle, howl or any of that. That’s just too much pressure, people.


7 Responses to “Why am I doing this?”

  1. Tori Scuderi Says:

    I’ve just started reading your blog and I love it! You have such a gift for taking mundane tasks in life and seeing the sunny side.

    As far as the self checkout line goes, the only way I dare go thru it is when I have my daughter with me. She is “U-Scan” certified at HT (seriously). Like you, I create terrible back-ups in the line when I try to do it myself.

    Keep writing Chrissy….you are very talented and I’m looking forward to your daily post! ;0)

    • Thank you Tori! The kids always get this stuff better than we do. Thanks for the vote of encouragement. I hope you subscribe:)) With your line of work, I bet you have tons of stuff to blog about:))

  2. I’ve just read through all the blogs and as always you do not disappoint. I have had a few chuckles this morning. I’m forwarding to my son at the grey gloom of West Point to give him some Southern Cheer too. Keep up the good work:)

    • Hey Cat, thank you for your kind words:) I’m honored to have this sent to West Point. I didn’t know your son was there; what an accomplishment:) Keep reading! I’ve got some great stuff planned for this weekend and a guest blogger on Valentine’s Day–the hoilday from a man’s point of view.

  3. Hey Chrissy,

    I’m thinking you should also consider stand up comedy – you have great material and the ability to find humor in the most mundane of things…a talent of which I am no so blessed.

    You have a gift for words! Keep it up. I’ll buy the book:-)

    Love ya! And to think I knew you when….

    • OOPS! Left the “t” out of not. guess I should proof before posting…

    • Boy, did I need that today Marcia! Thank you. Sometimes I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. The big question is “How to tie all of this together?” I still don’t know! I have a while to find out though, I guess. That part comes at the end of the experiment:)

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